M.D. and The Bids are rock and roll.

Established in 2017 in Austin TX, M.D. and the Bids started as a one off gig that turned into an ongoing obsession. Playing the original songs of singer-guitarist Marc Dulang and covers from the diverse likes of Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson and Captain Beefheart, M.D. and the Bids landed gigs at several popular Austin venues and regular gigs in the Texas towns of Athens and Lockhart within no time.

Consisting of Marc Dulang, vocals and guitar, Chevy Dixon, lead guitar, Brice Bowdin, on bass and vocals, and Sean Haezebrouck, on drums and vocals, M.D. and the Bids have concentrated their efforts on original songs steeped in the 60’s and the legacy of great Texas music. Their diverse tunes range from the straight up ear worms of “Ridin’ (To the Grave)” and “My Baby” to the Motown vibes of “The Impossible Song” and the jazz influenced psychedelia of “Penny Thoughts”.

M.D. and the Bids are bringing the soul of Motown and the heavy attitudes of 60’s rock and roll to new generations. They have fans in the “6-60 crowd” and yet have the swagger and sex appeal of modern rock stars. Austin is listening and so will the rest of those who still believe in loud guitars, devil drums and plenty of soul.

“M.D. and the Bids are your favorite pair of worn in boots or that killer leather jacket from 1974 wrapped around your best guy or girl. They’re a black ’66 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. Jump on in and get some!” – J.B.